Artisans, Merchants & Food Vendors

For Artisans, Merchants, and Food Vendors who wish to be a part of The Nottingham Festival and/or Tumbleweed:

It is incredibly important that our patrons step into the magical world of the past and the 16th Century, or in the case of Tumbleweed, 1885. Both festivals are not flea markets and the marketplace should reflect that. Preference will be given to original, handcrafted products, hand-powered rides and games and food items that fit into the theme of the Festival.

There is a separate application for either Artisans/Merchants/Activities or Food Vendors. Please download the appropriate application for your business and submit as soon as possible. Space is limited and is filling up.

Specific details with regards to the booth, signage, deadlines and merchandise/activity/food are listed on the appropriate application. Fees are based on a Flat Schedule with regards to space requests. Expedient receipt of applications will be taken into consideration when determining acceptance into the Festival.

To better prepare your stock or food stores for the weekend, we are expecting 8,500-10,000 patrons to be attending each weekend of both festivals. Please prepare accordingly. Food Vendors should be aware that we will not be allowing any outside food or drink into the Festival and pricing should be taken into consideration to make food purchases affordable to everyone.


We are no longer accepting 2017 Catering Applications.  Please check back for the 2018 Application.


Download the 2017 Merchant Application Info!
Merchant Online Application