Featured Characters

Renaissance Masters Pavilion

*Leonardo da Vinci – The ideal of a renaissance man; artist, inventor, scientist, genius… Speak with the great man himself and learn more about the secret stories of his paintings.

*Lucrezia Borgia  – Femme Fatale of one of Italy’s most powerful houses – or a pawn in the game of the men around her striving for control? A view of life in the treacherous Borgia Family.

*Johannes Gutenberg  – If you can read, you have him to thank. The innovator of movable type – allowing printing presses to churn out books at an unheard of rate. What motivated him to create this world-changing devise? Listen and learn.

*Niccolo Machiavelli  – The foremost political observer and historian of the renaissance. Author, diplomat, defense secretary, scholar, chronicler, and nobleman. The Prince is only one part of his personality. Come and learn the rest.

Sofonisba Anguissola – Cout painter to Phillip the 2nd of Spain and art tutor to his queen, this bubbly Italian will charm you with tales of her training as an artist and noblewoman She was one of the few artists to impress Michelangelo .

Ellen Burbage – The First Stage Mother; the Burbage family was instrumental in the construction of Shakespeare’s theaters and the birth of the action profession as we know it today. 

Blanche Perry – The loyal and true attendant to Queen Elizabeth, able to tell the stories of our good lady Queen like none other. 

Grace O’Malley – Grainne Ní Mháille as she is called in her own language. To her people she’s a chieftain and influential leader. To many of the English, she’s known as Pirate Queen. 

*Anne Boleyn – The mother of Queen Elizabeth and second wife to Henry VIII, beheaded on Tower Green by a French swordsman. Was she a saint or sinner, or somewhere in-between. 

Ivan the Terrible – The grand Tzar of Russia – a man feared by many but beloved by his people for his sweeping reforms. Terrible doesn’t translate to bad, even if he did do many wicked things. 

Cornelius van Dun –  A member of the Royal Guard, in the red and black Beefeater’s garb, these are the tales of the exciting life of a man who serves for Queen and Country.

Bertolomo Scappi – The first celebrity chef – cooked for popes and kings and wrote the Opera of Italian Cooking; the first of its’ kind fully illustrated cookbook.  

*Lady Jane Grey – ‘The queen of Nine Days’ an innocent girl trapped in courtly intrigue who learned that when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die;  regardless of if you wanted to be a player or not. Meet the scholarly pawn who became a queen, all too quickly to be taken off the board.  

Sir Richard Greyville & Sir John De Vere  – Two gentlemen of fortune ready to showcase the finest of English and European steel. Swords and swordplay discussed, perhaps demonstrated. If you enjoy weaponry and military techniques, these are the gentlemen to seek out.

William Clowes – Barber Surgeon  – Join the master Barber Surgeon for a practical and sometimes alarming look at battlefield medicine of the 16th Century.

*Amerigo Vespucci – Everybody calls him Amerigo! Learn about the cartographer and explorer that lends his name to the American continent…and decide for yourself if he deserved that historic honor.

William Shakespeare  – The legendary Bard himself- poet, playwright, author and actor. Learn more about his life, his craft, and the proper way to perform his works.

William Adams  – A sailor alongside Sir Francis Drake, William Adams was one of the first Englishmen in Feudal Japan, and the very first to become a Samurai. He was essential in service to his Shogun. Learn the true tale behind the legend.

Doctor John Dee — An English mathematician, astronomer, occult philosopher, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Some even called him a magician. 

Garcia Mendes Nasi — One of Europe’s wealthiest, most powerful and influential women who led a double life.

Lichtfield & Spayde — Gravediggers and “Mortality Consultants” here to advise on the Renaissance Way of Death.

Tycho Brahe– The last of the naked eye astronomers, he was friend to kings and known to have a hot temper. His artificial nose is proof.

*Portrayal by Nottingham Local

Featured Theme Characters

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Tudor

William Shakespeare

Sir Francis Drake

Master Mayor Henry Quarneby

Dame Katherine Quarneby

Sherriff of Nottingham

Edward Chamberlayne, Master of the Guilds

Sir Richard Morehage, Tax Collector

Don Guiseppe, the Italian Ambassador
The Queen sees many ambassadors, but when Don Guiseppe comes to town, it usually means a debt needs to be collected.  A shrewd man, both with money and with his sword.  If you owe, it would be best for you to pay up!

Robin Hood and his Merry Men
Portrayed by our villages performers, the Sherwood Merry Players, Robin and his Crew are celebrating the Medieval era and the Legend that surrounds Nottingham and Sherwood Forrest. Meet Robin, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, and Lil Joan, their own version of Little John, as they cause a little fun trouble for the Sheriff, who seems uncertain as to whether these actors ARE the infamous gang of thieves!