For the Children

Children’s Glenn

Nottingham Village welcomes the wee lads and lasses to our own harvest festival. There is much for them to see and do in our village, but there is one area that is dedicated to just the young and young at heart. Within our Children’s Glenn, magic happens.

Traditional School wherein our villagers share their knowledge with thee of not just their craft, but the history of it as well. Learn to weave wheat into a love knot. Create a peasant doll. Make a sachet. And more… All costing naught but the time thou dost spend with us.

Music performed by the Ad Hoc Consortium. The Ad Hoc Consortium will be stopping by during the day. Listen to the wondrous tunes of our Renaissance period, and learn about the instruments that they are played upon. Sing along with us if thou knowest the tune.

Dance performed and taught by the Country Garden Dancers. The Country Garden Dancers will be stopping in the Children’s Glenn to share their knowledge and love of dance. Join in the merriment with them.

Relax and Play within our glade. Play with our toy castles, or build one of thine own choosing with wooden blocks. Learn to play Renaissance games such as Nine Men’s Morris and quoits. Challenge us, or play against the friend you just met here at Children’s Glenn.

Storytelling is a special time within Children’s Glenn. Join Mistress Rose for the telling of “The Youngest Knight”, and mayhap she will even share the proper way of cutting an apple. We will also be in need of young ones willing to assist in our own “Children’s Improv Theatre”. Thou will not believe the joys to be found, the fun to be had, and the peacefulness of our Children’s Glenn. It waits but for thee to arrive and join us…….