Renaissance Masters Pavilion

Since its beginnings, the basic idea of the Renaissance Faire has always been the creation of “Living History.”

The Renaissance Masters Pavilion at the Nottingham Festival takes that successful theatrical concept one unique step further.

Where the winding streets of Nottingham Village can give visitors a vivid sensory sample of the life of an ordinary villager, the Renaissance Masters Pavilion crosses over to the extra-ordinary figures of the era: Thinkers; Artists; Composers; Leaders; and Explorers, all of whom made our festival’s era one of the shining moments in World History. Within the Renaissance Master’s Pavilion, Nottingham’s Players become the Great Figures of Science and Culture. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Grace O’Malley. From Johannes Guttenberg to Lucrezia Borgia. From Amerigo Vespucci to Mary Queen of Scots. Our costumed performers bring vivid life to these creators who helped bring about the world in which we live today. The performers meld meticulous research into their characters with the Renaissance Faire’s trademark sense of Improvisation, as some of the great minds of history stand for questions from the audience.

The Renaissance Masters Pavilion provides in depth glimpses into mastery of many arts of the era…Science Philosopy, Art and Mathematics…but also masters of arts like Swordsmanship and Battlefield Surgery of the Sixteenth Century.

Where the core Renaissance Faire concept offers an opportunity to fulfill the fantasy of traveling through time, the Renaissance Master’s Pavilion provides the time traveler’s goal: A chance to sit on a hay bale with William Shakespeare, learn about art from Sofonisba Anguissola, or to pose a question to Niccolo Machiavelli.

The more we understand the past, the more we recognize the present. The Renaissance Master’s Pavilion is central to the Nottingham Festival’s goal of using vivid entertainment to educate our visitors and the public about this important moment of our cultural legacy.